Friday, May 15, 2009


I dont know if im unconsciously choosing the cards for the updates, but ive been posting maps in every single update...well, not that i mind, it feels nicer for me to have a little bit of everything, but now that i realized it, i felt weird about it.
Its a really nice map, as well as my other Australian one...I would love to visit Australia one day (well i would love to visit every single place in the world actually)...but i dont think i would love to live in Australia.
I dont know if you knew, but many Macedonians live in Australia...the thing with them  is, i dont know if they get culturally over-enlightened, but they really feel very self-centered with themselves. A friend of mine went to Australia several years ago to visit her relatives who are Macedonians but have lived there for their whole life. And this is what happened to her. She wanted to watch something, and one of the relatives did this.."So, this is a V-I-D-E-O use it to watch films....and this is a T-A-P-E! You take the tape, and, see this opening in the recorder??? Weeeelll, you put the tape in it and you GEEEEENTLY push it inside. Then you take this, which is called a R-E-M-O-T-E C-O-N-T-R-O-L...It is used to change channels, like this (and he shows her how to do it.)
And my friend was just speechlessly watching him...she couldnt believe it that he treated her like a retard and she wondered if she should tell him how many videos in her life she had actually watched...i guess thats coz of the lack of information people have about Macedonia...we are far from the greatest or most developed country in the world, but we are not from the Stone age either...funny though, many Macedonian immigrants do treat us like that forgetting they come from here as well....its an absurd situation...not to mention the Australian-Macedonian language they had invented...its a mixture of English and Macedonian, and its just....awful and ridiculous. I wonder how shocked they would be if they actually knew we have iPods as well....
Well that would be all for today....see you soon...hopefully


imajica said...

bwahahahahaha. I can't stand people like that.. in fact they're way too ignorant for not knowing the real situation in another country (and in your friend's case.. their origin country!).

the other year, in the POSTCROSSING forum.. can you believe it, someone was whining over her expiring card to Malaysia.. and said something like, "i dont know much about Malaysia, my cards dont seem to reach there.. but what's actually happening there.. famine, war? blablabla.." just because a few cards to Malaysia got expired!
and we (I know Malaysian forummers aren't all as noisy as I am, but we're quite a number there already, in case people don't notice) were shocked reading that statement... and that someone, of course she came from the world's most developed country.. but sigh, can't she even read something on internet at least??

ok, this is offtopic, but you should get more Macedonians to join Postcrossing :)

Sreisaat said...

Hi Ana... I heart this map-card!
Never mind these people, they are merely ignorant about most things! I had the same encounter in one international conference that I attended. When they learned I am living/working in Cambodia, they gasped and asked me whether there war hasn't ended in the country. My jaw dropped, not believing what I was hearing at that time. I just pity this kind of people -- they are missing a lot!

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Ana said...

hmmm, so it wasnt only with us then...well, some years ago it was worse, coz many people had NO idea where Macedonia is...a girl once asked me, where is Macedonia, is it near Denmark somewhere? uhm, yeah..sure...

off-topic...Macedonians are coming on postcrossing...though i must admit, i DO enjoy my special unique status as a Macedonian representative...

yeah, there you go, i confessed it :D :D :D