Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dubai, UAE

Well, after almost a whole week of silence, here i am. I think that ever since my concert got cancelled like two weeks ago, things just got hectic in general. They are gonna continue be like that for a while, until like mid of June at least, and ill definitely definitely have a busy summer...well, at least i managed to get to the post office today, which i feared wouldnt happen, since when i woke up it was raining heavily...and after all that heat i was complaining about, now its actually really cold and i somehow manage to get soaked on daily basis, since it rains every single day here...I really really hate this weather we are having here...well, lets get down to something stamps and postcards for example :)

My aunt gave me this card, and it was sent, as usual, by her friend Savica. In case you havent been here before, Savica is a friend of my aunt who lives in Switzerland and who travels somewhere each time she gets a chance...well, the good thing is that she always sends my aunt a postcard and since my aunt doesnt collect them, moreover complains she has nowhere to keep them, she gives them to me :) But I actually wish for once I receive a card from UAE addressed to ME, not my aunt...or someone else....well, maybe, some day....if anyone from UAE is reading this, and wants to swap, do let me know :)
Savica says that Dubai has changed a lot since the last time she had gone there, that new things are being built all the time  , and that there are building sites all around, dust and noise. But she says that the weather is great and the sea as well....
Well personally i dont like being at a place like that...when someone in my neighbourhood is having a house built or just does some renovation, i go crazy with all those hammers, drills, concrete mixers...and the worst thing is that they usually start working at 7 or 8am in the morning...urgh...
Im glad that for a change i can see something else from Dubai than the standard pictures...this card is called Dubai Marina, and it says: an awe inspiring city - within a city delights residents with its unique lifestyle.

Dubai Marina is a district in the heart of what has recently become known as 'new Dubai'. It was inspired by and designed to model the highly successful Concord Pacific Place development along False Creek in Vancouver, Canada. It is entirely man-made and will contain over 200 high-rise buildings and some supertall skyscrapers. Unlike other parts of Dubai there is a publicly accessible foreshoreway around the marina and some sections of public oceanway along the beach.

I think i was a bit lucky when searching for info for this stamp...i absolutely DONT understand a single thing in Arabic, so i have no idea whats the Arabic thing written on the stamp...but at least the year was written in a normal way.
So this stamp is from an issue of 7 definitives, from 2007, called the 5th set of Definitives. This new design shows the word "Emirates" in Arabic, shaped as a falcon. The backgrounds of the 7 denominations are all in different colours.


Vagirl said...

Great card Ana!
I'd like to get a card from there someday too:)

Beth Niquette said...

How VERY beautiful! Happy PFF!