Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tamgaly Gorge, Kazakhstan

well, it may be April Fool's Day...but this this is not a joke..this is actually, indeed, a REAL update! Maybe it will be good to start with updates on the first day of the month, so that the rest of the month goes fruitful as well...though we are to judge like that and if the rest of the month is gonna be as this day has been, than id rather, more than else, oversleep the whole month, from beginning till end...
If someone dares to say that a teacher's job is easy...switch places with me for a week....if those teenage monsters dont take the Cruella de Vill out of you after day number one, i will worship you for the rest of my life!
Even my mailbox was empty today....*sob* :[.....should i mention i went to sleep at 7 am and woke up at 10 something? Should i mention that the weather outside is so crazy that even when im coming home from work, i need no jacket, even a sweater is too hot to wear? I dont know about you, but when it gets all cloudy and tough,  and hot, it affects me BIG time...and i see many other people as telling you, its been hell of a day, and definitely not the kind of day i want to have at the beginning of the month

Well, another breath of fresh air...Kazakhstan! Of course, again thanks to no one else but Jo! Moreover, its a UNESCO whs!!! Woohoo!

Set around the lush Tamgaly Gorge, amidst the vast, arid Chu-Ili mountains, is a remarkable concentration of some 5,000 petroglyphs (rock carvings) dating from the second half of the second millennium BC to the beginning of the 20th century. Distributed among 48 complexes with associated settlements and burial grounds, they are testimonies to the husbandry, social organization and rituals of pastoral peoples. Human settlements in the site are often multilayered and show occupation through the ages. A huge number of ancient tombs are also to be found including stone enclosures with boxes and cists (middle and late Bronze Age), and mounds (kurgans) of stone and earth (early Iron Age to the present). The central canyon contains the densest concentration of engravings and what are believed to be altars, suggesting that these places were used for sacrificial offerings.
In the guidbooks, this place is described as a unique and spiritual place.
I hope you can see the carvings on the rocks on this card.

Great card, all in all! Thanks Jo!

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Jane said...

I have that same card! :D Hugs from Philippines