Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter!

As you probably know already....or maybe we celebrate Easter...well, i know its a bit hard to keep track who celebrates it when, but i belong to that minority of the world, who celebrate Easter on this day.
So in order to commemorate it, i wanted to post this incredibly cute greeting card that i received from Ana in Serbia....I know some of you had asked me to send you an Easter greeting card from Macedonia, but unfortunately, after a nice quest, i came to realize that we DONT have Easter Greeting cards here, except for some handmade pieces of paper, and you can hate me as much as you want, but im NOT gonna send you those! I guess that people here just dont have the tradition to send Easter Cards so hence why you cant really find them....or maybe they exist SOMEWHERE, but not in all those places i had looked, and i looked in the ones which are most likely to have things like that, in parts of town where there is a high frequency, in markets which sold Easter decorations etc etc...but no I hope you'll forgive me!
And, this cat here, may not be exactly like Kimi, but he definitely looks like a Kimi's younger brother :)))))
Well, im not gonna bore you with stories and stuff...just wanted to wish Happy Easter to all those people who celebrate it today.

Честит Велигден!
Сретан Ускрс!
Wesołych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy!
Христос Воскресе!
Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a great day!


Vagirl said...

What an adorable card!
Happy Easter dear Ana!

Postcardy said...

That's a cute kitty. One of my cats has similar markings. She doesn't like to wear hats. You can see a picture of her with her Christmas Mrs. Santa hat here:

My Cat with a Hat