Monday, April 27, 2009

Champasak, Laos

Well, my 100th country hasnt arrived yet, so if you want to, you still have the time to take part in the contest....if you have no idea what im talking about, just click on the link on the left and it will make things clear ;)
So, in the meantime, i will show you my 98th received country which i must admit was an absolute and totally unexpected surprise...thanks to Zarah...I have LAOS in my collection!! WOW!!!
the Si Phan Don is also known as the 4000 islands...its on the south of the country, on the border with Cambodia. Here is a review i came across about this place:
Easily the most relaxing and tranquil place in Laos.  People are super nice.  Local wine super strong.  Hiking super easy. But no electricity => meaning: No hot water, charging of cameras, no AIR-CON/ fan when GH owners off their generators (usually) at about 9pm. No artificial lights in the night.  Lit by beautiful moon and stars only.

mmmm...seems interesting and intriguing....though if possible, i would like Zarah to bring some input here, from personal experience...i think it would be much better, than my own rant :)
Btw...Zarah...get your live streaming ready for Rome! :))

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