Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brussels, Belgium

these are the Corporation Houses in Brussels dating from the XVII century...
Funny thing...just now i realized that this is my first Brussels card...i have numerous cards from Belgium, and i had no idea until now that Brussels was missing from my collection!
Funny thing numero due...i could barely find any info about something called Corporation Houses in Belgium...and when i looked at the building card, i even thought it might be a UNESCO! :)
So...all my Belgique readers....if you can...please...HELP! :)


Оксана said...

I'm not Belgian, but I've been to Belgium for many times ;) This card shows the Grand Place, which is a UNESCO site :)

Ana said...

there...i knew it!! :))

they could have written "Grand Place" on the back of the card, instead of Corporation Houses :)
If i had had a degree in UNESCO knowledge, i could have tear it apart right now :))))


Linn said...

Оксана is right. The card shows some guild houses on te 'Grand-Place' of Brussels. The market place and its surroundings are indeed a Unesco Site.