Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The 100th country??!! sorry...hasnt arrived yeah, it gives you more time to take part in the contest and give yourself a chance to win something...well, its not the lotto you can win, but still i hope its fun for you :)
So, I have the great honour and pleasure to actually show you my country number 99! Probably one of the places I LEAST had expected to get a card from, and definitely not a written and stamped from there...but oh well..never say never! :))))

If it wasnt for Markus, i doubt i would have had a card from Åland in the nearest, all the credit goes to him and im wholeheartedly thankful that he sent me a card from there, knowing how many requests he actually had...he managed to sqeeze in a card for me too! Thanks a lot Markus! A lot lot lot!! :)
Honestly, before i joined postcrossing, i didnt really know about the existence of Åland (well, number of other places as well), but if i had to go back to school right now and go through my geography subject all over again, i think id be one of the best in class :D
What fascinates me about Åland is that its a Finnish historical province, yet, people there speak Swedish...its an interesting clash indeed...and if im not mistaken, i had read that Finnish people dont like hearing other people speak Swedish....or it was vice versa...hmm, well, im not really sure, but i know there has been some language animosity going on....
I think ive managed to learn the correct pronunciation of Å know, when you dont have certain letters/sounds in your language, its a bit awkward when you try to learn them, and you always think that if a native speaker hears you, he will have a good laugh...well, at least i feel so...
Oh, and btw, i have to say that i really love the Åland's definitely enters my category of favourites!


dmarks said...

I'd never heard of Åland before... now I have.

Quail said...

Aland is an awesome, special place. I had an Australian flatmate in London and her father was from Aland! A bunch of us went over there and had such a wonderful time.