Sunday, March 8, 2009

Toscana, Italy

One of my personally bought cards from my trip to Italy...I just dont know why the white lines around the letters for Toscana look soo if they are simply screaming!
This past week has been really scarce on postcards...well, ive been somewhat left behind in sending cards lately as well, i focused more on some other kind of mail, so i think there lies the main reason...but i hope the following one will be more fruitful...i need mail, a LOT!
Its rather late, but i have a lot of stuff pending...i need to clean around a bit...i need to prepare stuff for work for the following week...i need to finish a book...i need to write some letters...
Oh, and today is 8th of women's not fond of holidays which are planned to be commemorated on one day only, coz they feel forced and all...but i do want to wish all women out there, Happy Women's Day...and to my mum ill buy something when she least expects it instead on a day like today when she is supposed to get i think, the day itself has lost a lot of its significance and the way its celebrated from the time when i was little for example...feels stranger and colder and simply alienated...just like the whole world around me....yeah, i need to get out of this mood, PRONTO! :)
See you during following week my dear postcard collectors!

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