Saturday, March 28, 2009

Budva, Montenegro

My dad brought me this card when he went to Budva. Im just trying to recall whether it was 2006 or all weighs towards 2007, but i may be wrong...and actually, i just checked and its....2008! Either i have some wrong perception of time, or i dont know whats wrong with me...

Well, Budva may not be one of my favourite places to go to in summer...but as it looks on the pictures, i would really like to be there right now. Its not crowded, the beach on the top left picture is totally empty, and it feels as if thats what i need right now. To get away from everything and everyone for a couple of days and give my mind some rest...being alone, with just the sound of the sea and the waves...that feels sooo calming!
It doesnt have to be Budva, it can be just any nice place out there, as long as i can totally distract from current things for a bit...and recharge myself...and come back in a much much better mood....hopefully :)
My dad would be going to Belgrade...i wish i could go as well, but he is coming back tomorrow...and i would prefer to stay a couple of my obligations in general just dont let me.....ahh, maybe next time...maybe...
Well...its the Earth Hour today...and while writing today's update, i decided to give my support to it and turn off everything for one hour. I could survive without them....not that im gonna make an enormous overall contribution, but i just want to make some, and feel myself useful...and it would be could if people got more conscious about it, not just today, but throughout the year.
if 8:30 pm still hasnt reached your country, then think about it, and if you are not in urgent need of aplliances and all, then give your support as well!
Ill see you tomorros ;-)

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