Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Virginia, USA

I got this card from Chrissy along with her Valentine card Flamingo....and its my first one ever from Virginia! And it has a lighthouse on it!!

Chrissy is one of the newest people i met at the GTKY but its been really nice to know her...for some reason only nice and kind and awesome people come at the GTKY :)
And Chrissy is the one who wholehearedly helps me with my German...she says her German is rusty...i say mine is awful and way too basic...but it feels good to be able to practice the language with someone, with whom i can just give it a try into writing something without really worrying if im gonna make too many mistakes or if im gonna say enough or a lot or anything...my German lessons themselves are a total different story...but ill leave that up for my following German card.
However, Chrissy, Vielen Dank für alles! :)

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Marie Reed said...

Ich verstehe wohl! Ich weiss nie ob ich den,dem,der,die oder,das schreiben soll! Es macht mich ja wahnsinnig! Ahhh!