Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paulig Coffee

My last card for today is to represent one of my greatest pleasures, passions and! Ok, maybe it doesnt have a cup of freshly brewed coffee, but this is a nice coffee commercial.
Reminds me to those Marlboro cigarette commercials i used to see when i was little...they all had some cowboy/wild west style in them...i just dont get one come all girls on commercials like this, sitting on a horse, tend to have such a great tanned skin and they always wear the exact kind of denim jeans and moreover, they feel to so perfectly follow the line of their legs and just look so sexy on envious!

Not so long ago while flipping through the TV channels (which is an occasion for itself since i rarely watch TV), i came across some chat show, and they were showing the results of an experiment they had done with 3 coffee addicts. They had given them each, 3 different kind of coffee-based products, in order to help them reduce their daily amount of caffeine...the first one had to use a coffee-scented body lotion, the second one a coffee-flavoured tooth-paste, and the third one a coffee-flavoured lip balm. All products had a delicious scent...well, its coffee after all.
Anyway, after several days of using the product, they had to give a reprot on how it felt for them and whether it had helped them or no. The one with the body lotion was craving for coffee, the other two, i cant recall exactly which one, was also craving for her daily caffeine dosage...the one with the tooth-paste i think...while the third one said that it actually did help her reduce the amount of coffee she drinks everyday. The reasons for this turned out to be that she was using a product, which was closest to the tasting centre and which was being absorbed in the body the fastest and so the body was fooled that it had a caffeine intake. The one with the body-lotion  could have just dreamed of having her product closest to the mouth, so thats why she still had to take huge coffee amounts, daily.
Well, this got me into thinking about myself, and i figured that i dont really take coffee for the caffeine only...the pelasure of having coffee is in feeling its taste on your tounge, of letting it slip through your throat, of feeling its particular sweetness and aroma...the pleasure is making a nes-cafe drink, where you stir the coffee and the sugar until you get a deliscious creamy mixture....and add milk to it, and maybe a bit of cinnamon on top...or a hot regular nes-cafe...which awakens all your senses and the taste of it just feels soo perfect. So thats why i love coffee...i would never actually swap for a caffeine based product, coz that wont give me the pleasure...not one single bit...i do love the effect caffeine has and how it can keep you awake or give you energy and all...but the preparation, the taste and the feeling that drinking coffee can provide, cant be substitues with any other product....and thats my final word on it :)

ok, im glad i was able to make this update, considering ive been having a cold, and some other severe health doing more or less ok right now, but in general, its not that pinky :)

Hopefully you are enjoying your weekend....its a cold one here...sunny, but very windy and cold....

till next time!

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