Friday, February 13, 2009

Itsukushima Shrine, Japan

Again, no mail mail getting all cranky when my mailbox is empty...thank God for all that pile of cards i havent uploaded here, so i can make an update...but i do need my dosage of mail several times a week...thing is, in order to receive you need to send as well...and i love sending....and fortunately, i may not need to give it up as i initally thought a few days ago...
I sent out my new 6 offical cards someone's mailbox in Finland, Germany, US, Philippines, Japan and the Czech Repbulic is gonna be suprised soon :)
And this is one of the officials i received on amazing Japanese card...and my first official from Japan...having a first official card from somewhere, does feel special ;-)


the card is called "A Night View of the Great Torii of Itsukushima Shrine" in Miyajima.

The Torii, or Gateway, at Miyajima Island is a classic and beloved icon of Japan, as well as a condensed essence of traditional Japanese architectural expression. This grand wooden gateway, both sturdy and graceful, sits in the tidal flats before the historic Buddist temple complex of Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima island, in the same region as the city of Hiroshima in Japan.
Built on axis with the sea-facing shrine, the gate serves to welcome spirits of the departed as they come in across the water of Japan's Inland Sea. At low tide, visitors walk around the great columns of the structure, measuring its great size against the human body. At high tide, the rugged vermillion gateway seems to float in the waves around it, a gateway for boats, or for spirits indeed.

when i look at this card i always see it as one of those Japanese letters/symbols/signs...i still keep thinking it IS one indeed...i especially love the sunset view...and the moon over the shrine...lovely lovely card all in all!


Оксана said...

So you start to enjoy officials too? :) For me it's always a great fun to send official to a new country or to receive from a new country, even if I already have some cards from this country in my collection :))
Actually, I send mostly officials (I've sent 195 so far), because I like the surprise factor :))

Ana said...

I LOVE the surprise factor both in sending and receiving.
Shortly after the beginning i was a bit annoyed coz i always got the same countries for sending so it was more predictable than a surprise...but i realized that if instead of pulling out one or two addresses at a time, i pull out all available, then there is definitely gonna be some variety

Marie Reed said...

You're right! The moon really makes the images! What a breathtaking card!