Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here is my second ever Garfield card and i love it! Feels like a real treasure...there was a small accident with my other one...i spilled some coffee on my desk (surprise! surprise!) and a few drops spilt over the isnt very affected or ruined, just that it has a light brown spreaded spot over the back...i should definitely find a holder for my mugs where they would be safe and whenever i drink something, there will be no risk of knocking it over and making a mess of everything thats on my desk...and there is a pile of stuff on my desk! I really wonder what would happen when i get my lap-top...accidents like this are gonna be stroooongly prohibited...otherwise, the lap-top wont really have a long life :)

I havent really watched anything Garfield related in the meantime (which reminds me that i have a task to watch Snow White during this weekend though..)
But there are always plenty of comics and pictures to share about Garfield or the Garfield without Garfield here we go....I find the following ones rather amusing...from a psychological point of view :)

and here is one of my favourite Garfield videos...but you do need to watch it in full or closely to full attention to get the point of it :)
till my next Garfield card (which i hope will be soon) for more comics and videos to share...


Postcardy said...

What country is this garfield postcard from & do you know when it was made?

I have a lot of u. S. Garfield postcards from the 1980s, but have not seen them sold for many years.

Ana said...

i got this card from Finland...i dont know when exactly it was made, but its not an old one, since it has the 'euro' sign on the also has the Hallmark logo, plus this website:
the site is in Finnish so i dont really understand much...ok, i cant understand anything...but i hope it may be of some help to you :)