Thursday, December 25, 2008

Utrecht, The Netherlands

This is one of the cards that i have no idea how they ended up in my collection. Well, i have two assumptions...1. It was given to me by a friend who used to study there  2. One of my mum's colleagues brought it to me from her trip to the Netherlands. But which one is actually true, i have absolutely no idea...and i apologize for that.
the card reminded me of one of my students who is going to Amsterdam for New Year's.....well, ok...this is Utrecht, she is going to Amsterdam, but both are Netherlands :) And i have to say i envy her!! I would love to go to the Netherlands one day...well, i would love to go to many places, everywhere if possible, but the Netherlands is one of my top-favourites...and ill finally get the chance to meet Nicky...ive known her for like 15 years...its about time that we meet each other...well, ok, there have been time gaps in our friendship...or better call it pen-palship...and we are not able to keep in touch regularly....but i feel her much closer than many people  ive known for real in my life...funny and a very ironic thing is that people you feel closest to and for whom you care the most, seem to live the furthest away....

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