Saturday, December 27, 2008

Montana, USA (04)

Its snowing here!! For the first time this winter!! Yaaayyyy!!! Well, its not much, but the ground is covered and it keeps snowing most of the time in small finally i can feel the winterish atmosphere!!
In general, whenever it snows in Skopje, things get too chaotic esp. once the snow starts melting (thats after one or two days) and all of a sudden the beautiful white covering turns into a muddy dirty black surrounding....but as they say, its good while it lasts....if only it wasnt THIS cold....its really freezing outside :(

Anyway...i wanted to post something related to snow...and i almost broke the rules again, by posting a very snow postcard from a country which aint 'eligible' yet...but i feel really bad about breaking the rules so i decided to stick to the only snow-related things i have are a few Montana postcards...its not totally snow-covered, but on the mountain in the back, you can see its covered with it counts :)

Heaven's Peak looms splendid and snowcapped into a stormy Big Sky over Glacier National Park, Montana. Visible from many points in the park, this memorable mountain is always awesome, usually snow covered, and seems loftier than its full evolution of 8987 feet, here viewed across the McDonald Creek Valley from Going-to-the-Sun-Road


Gone with postcrads said...

I like the colours of this card!

Sean McLachlan said...

Very beautiful card. I'll have to go there and do some hiking! I used to live in the Sonora Desert in Arizona, and during our brief rainy season the desert would burst forth in wildflowers. Looks like Montana has nice wildflowers too.