Saturday, December 27, 2008


This is one of my favourite kind of cards, which tell a story or a legend or which are simply educational of some sorts.

Since the legend itself is given on the card, ill just write down the text for you so it is easier to ive made a few changes or better said, i corrected a few things, since there were some grammatical mistakes in the English part...i dont understand the original, so that i can tell the mistakes...simply, in English certain things were wrong by themselves, so i took the freedom to correct them...couldnt help it, professional damage :)

The Legends of Manneken-Pis

The events have made of Manneken-Pis a legendary Brussels figure and a hero whose glory has widely spread abroad.
A legend says, that a rich bourgeois had lost his only son in the crowd during popular festivities. After five days, he found him at the corners of the Etuve Street, doing what the little man is still doing.
Another legend makes us believe, that a little boy should have saved the city by extinguishing, in his manners, the wick with which the enemies wanted to put the city on fire.
It was in 1619 that  Jérôme Duquesnoy senior was entrusted by the Brussels tax collectors to make a statue in bronze of their famous citizen.

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