Sunday, December 21, 2008

Budapest, Hungary (16)

I really wanted to go out of the country/town for New it running away but i just dont like celebrating it here...its more of an annoyance than something pleasurable, and every year its just the same (or worse) and i just dont fit into that vast category of people who just look forward to it, in order to eat, get drunk, eat, get drunk, eat, get till early hours and in general, waste a huge some of money on one night only...thats just not my cup of tea...i may be sounding as an old granny, but i really prefer quiet, calmer things..last year i had a "celebration" like that at home and frankly, i felt great about it....we'll see what happens this year

Anyway, my friends' choice eventually fell on Budapest...and even though at first i was really excited to go somewhere, very soon i grew out of it...first, coz it takes a long travel...second, im saving for a new lap-top so blowing money on this aint really in my favour...third, even though Budapest is beautiful, its just cold to go there at this time of the year, and i dont really like to go there and either freeze or stay in the hotel room coz the conditions outside arent that i think that it would have been a mistake if i went...and from all the enthusiasm at the beginning, only two friends are its nothing to feel sorry for

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