Sunday, December 21, 2008


A card ticked off my wishlist...and a card which intrigued a lot of questions and investigations...I guess i love it even more coz of that :)
The very first question that came to me was, where is South Africa...then i also wanted to see if the card has the countries with the names as they are used today or there are some old ones (i managed to find out only one name change)...So, the only thing which still remained unanswered is, what really happened to South Africa here?!

as for the name changes,on the card you can see "Zaire" - which is today's Democratic Republic of Congo (not to be mixed with Republic of Congo)

if i have overlooked something, feel free to contribute to the post


помаранчева мрійниця said...

I can also see there's no Eritrea on this map. This country became independtent after a long war with Ethiopia in 1993. Maybe there are some other changes, but I'm not so good at Africa's geography :)

When it comes to the South Africa, I have only one idea - this map certainly shows Africa before 1994, so maybe they decided not to put South Africa on it because of the apartheid?

Shaunna said...

They have South Africa marked out on the map, they just don't have it named. It's right on the bottom, and looks kinda like they named it Lesotho, but Lesotho is the tiny circle in the middle of South Africa. I can't imagine why they wouldn't have named it or put up it's flag.

Ana said...

well, Lesotho is where its supposed to be...and the territory itself exists, just that its missing from being written and the flag as well...which is what confuses me

if it has anything to do with history, than im really far from the expert for it :/

thanks to both for the contribution and as for Eritrea, thanks Ksenia for noticing that...I knew i was missing something...several heads think better than one ;)

9teen87 said...

amazing postcard!! I love cards like this that you need to 'research' :)