Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday, while my mum was cleaning some closets, she came across some boxes which contained stuff that belonged to my late grandmother....books, pictures, booklets, prospects, posters...and POSTCARDS!!. I already have a number of postcards that belonged to my grandmother...i dont know where this box came out from, but im certainly more than glad it did, coz there were like more or less 100 postcards!! So even though they are all rather old, having in mind my grandmother passed away in 1979, so they all date before then...still, having added them in my collection makes me more than happy!! They are mainly cards from France (my grandmother was a French teacher), Russia, Greece, Ukraine (I think Ksenia would kill for these ;-))...and a few from some other places, like the one i chose to show today...i think when this is the card that got me exicted the most...a map card, which dates back from 1967!!! I just cant believe it that even back than they had these lovely colourful maps!!

If i didnt see it said "Stockholm" at the bottom of the map, i dont know if i would have figured out where this card came from, coz there is absolutely nothing that could indicate to it....i suppose it shows a part of Wikipedia says, Uppland is a historical province or landskap on the eastern coast of Sweden, just north of Stockholm.
The name literally means up land, a name which is commonly encountered in especially older English literature. Its Latinised form, which is occasionally used, is Uplandia.

I was thinking something, and probably i would need your opinion if you are reading this...I have a number of such older cards, which are given to me, ansd so far i had never labeled the year when they were written...since it somewhat seemed ridiciulous to do it coz the cards dated from even before i was born....but right now i think i maybe should do it...i really dont know....

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LaY hOoN said...

Wow !! You got the treasure !!
And this cards is so beautiful ! I believe that there are more. Love to seeing it here :)