Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Gorge Amphiteatre, USA

I got this one from  Charity who in July 2006, saw Pearl Jam here, two nights in a row...yay!! Maybe not my absolute favourites, but definitely one of my favourite bands....Black always gives me the shivers and makes me long for the past and for 'all that could have been'...but now thats a totally different song...by NIN...funny though, they are related in some way...at least to me....

Anyhow...The Gorge Amphiteatre (which i keep mistyping as George) was voted the Best Amphiteatre in North America by the Pollstar Magazine. The Pacific Northwest's premier enterteinment venue carved in the basalt cliffs, surrounded by mountain vistas, lush green grass and the rolling Columbia River.

This AGAIN makes me think that my whole DM concert going is still on status quo and apart from making me feel annoyed, right now im as well worried....hmmmmm

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