Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pärnu, Estonia (2)

Once i posted a Pärnu card and i told you that it was called the Estonia's summer capital...well, to get more of the summer feeling and to warm up a bit (at least in your thoughts) on these cold freezing days, here is another Pärnu card....so for a while, stop thinking of the wind/snow storms outside...I dont know how is it at your place but the weather here has been awful...yesterday i literary froze...you have no idea how terribly cold it was...in the morning, when i was going to work it was 6 or 7 degrees below zero...today, on the whole contrary, all day long its been over 10 degrees above zero...no wonder i feel totally numb..

I have to say that i fell in love with the Pärnu flag...its absolutely gorgeous -> click here to see it
So if anyone has a card with this flag covering it whole, you know whom to ask to send it to :)

Anyway....(Perona, German Alt-Pernau or Estonian Vana-Pärnu) was founded by the bishop of Ösel Wiek ca. 1251, suffered heavily under pressure of the concurrent town, and was finally destroyed ca. 1600. Another town (Embeke, later German Neu-Pernau or Estonian Uus-Pärnu) was founded by the Livonian Order who began building an Ordensburg nearby in 1265. The latter town was then known by the German name of Pernau,  and after many battles it became part of independent Estonia in 1918 following World War I.

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