Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monte Carlo, Monaco

This card shows "Les Jardins du Casino et la Place"
Well, thats what it says...I know that "Les Jardins" would be something like "The Gardens"...Casino, is, well, Casino...and "la Place" is just a name I its something like The Gardens of the Casino :)

The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Monaco. The casino complex is a gambling facility which also includes the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, an opera and ballet house, and the headquarters of the Ballets de Monte Carlo. It is situated in the Monte Carlo quarter although the citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter the gaming rooms. It hosts the annual European Poker Tour Grand Final, the most prestigious poker tournament in Europe.


Pinaypostcrosser said...

Hello again, Ana!

Here's visiting your blog again and loving it. Again, it makes me wish I am not as busy so I can attend to my cards again.

I hope you are well.

Martinha said...

I've been here, i've been here :) Well, i didn't gamble but at least i can say that i've already peed in Monaco's Casino :P
Oh, place means square, so it's the gardens of the casino and the square.


Ana said...

hey, ive been here too!! when did you go? i was here in May 2004...cant recall the exact date...hah, it would be funny if we had been here at the same time :))))))))