Thursday, November 27, 2008

Las Vegas, USA

Here is a card from Charity sent to me back in 2005....a really nice card with the glimmering lights of Las Vegas...

In general, Las Vegas should associate with Casinos and gambling...well, until some time ago, that would have been my first association as well...but ever since i have started watching CSI Las Vegas, ive been hooked on it, and most probably, at the mentioning of Las Vegas, i would firstly think of the series than the gambling...

there are other CSI versions as well, like Miami and New York, but absolutley none of them had managed to come even close to Las least for me...the LV crew, the relations between the characters themselves gives some feeling of closeness and intimacy which i havent found in the other versions...they feel more real in some sense, more close to the common citizen, with his on real life and favourite has always been Greg from the Lab...probably coz of his sense of humour, and just his behaviour in general...esp, coz for a long time he was probably underestimated as a forensic, and he tried so hard to prove himself...many times i felt lumps in my throat while watching it coz of their lives while they werent working on a case....i realized that NONE of them are happy or content, and more or less they are all lonely in their own way...more than once i was at the verge of tears or did cry coz of things happening to them (yeah, i do sob at movies, im a softheart...)
I should definitely format my PC (its uber langsam right now), find some spare time, in the evenings maybe...make some snacks and drinks, and put my CSI Las Vegas DVD's on....cold winter days seem just so perfect for such things....if only i didnt have sooooo much work to do....+

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