Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was totally stunned when i found this card in my mailbox...apart that its a map card, its twice the size of a normal its just absolutely PERFECT!!!! I totally love this one!!! Totally totally totally!!!!

From what i could have comprehended, this map shows the places in Italy where you can find honey...i dont know if it im right, but i think it shows different places and says what kind of honey is produced in that part of Italy...but i may be totally wrong....there is a text in Italian on the back, so ill write it down...and any help with it will be more than appreciated:

Il miele, i mieli
Alimento naturale per eccellenza

Dolce o amaro, liquido o cristallizzato, chiaro o scuro, con aromi e sapori diversissimi. L'Italia dispone di un patrimonio unico al mondo, per ció é d'obbligo parlare di mieli al plurale, come giá avviene per i vini e i formagii del nostro bel paese

i understand some bits and pieces of it...but i surely cant make it as a whole...

However,  Roberta....the greatest of thank-you's for choosing to send me this just nailed it right on the spot!! Grazie!!!!!!!

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SL said...

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