Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zvikov, Czech Republic

I love such aerial views of castles...well castles are beautiful from whatever point you look at them...but this aerial view, with the water surrounding the castle is simply magnificent!

This is the Zvikov Castle which is located in the South Bohemian Region and is one of the most early-Gothic castles in the Czech Republic.
Zvíkov is placed on a hard to access and steep promonotory above the confluence of the rivers Vltava and Otava.
The first written mention of the castle comes from year 1234. The castle was owned by the Kings of Bohemia.

Lucie, the sender, says that there are about 2000 castles in the Czech Republic, but that only about 700 are open to the public. Hmmm....well, thats even less than half...thats a pity...though id have to agree with Lucie...im more fond of the exterior than the interior of buildings and castles...unless they have something very unique inside...

well, i think i better go and return  the keyboard, before anyone notices its not at its place :)
hopefully it wont take long till we see  each other again :)

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