Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zürich, Switzerland

By posting these cards, i came to realize that I actually have a big number of rather oldish oldish i mean cards from the time before I was born...and this is one of them, dating from exactly 40 years ago....and its really well preserved...I hope that my cards will be in great condition as well 40 years from now and longer

The first thing that crosses my mind when it comes to Switzerland is chocolate...ok, i dont know whats wrong with me tonight, since things either remind me of coffee or chocolate
One thing i hate is that here we dont actually get to taste the REAL Swiss chocalte...but we eat things produced at some other countries who have the liscence to produce certain products BUT it aint the actual production...coz its known that the Toblerone we eat here tastes somewhat different than the Toblerone originally manufactured in Switzerland....I definitely know Nestlé does...and another thing I hate is the limited kinds of Nestlé chocolates we have here or Milka...or Ritter Sport...or any other (ok, they are not all Swiss, but still)
Ive seen some kinds of the above mentioned chocolates with such fillings and tastes that we had absolutely never seen in stores make it even worse, they seem soo damn tasty and delicious..or at least my kind of chocoalte...and the ones i can get at the store seem soo poor compared to those...yeah well, im a spoilt brat sometimes....

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