Thursday, October 30, 2008


I really dont know how i  got this card...Im almost positive its from a friend who had been to Romania, but i cant tell from whom, since two of them had been there

well, apart from this postcard and another (a normal one :)) I also got two identical mugs (one from each friend)....well, i dont know if you know, but I collect mugs as well, and so far have over 150 of them, which means i have no room to keep them, but still i keep buying them...i just love mugs and im especially happy when i can find a 'collection' of 3-4-5 or more mugs so then I try to collect all the mugs belonging to that collection
If there was a mug-exchanging thing, most probably I would have done it...but I doubt there will ever be a secure way to transport them thru regular mail....
Anyway, I was talking about the mugs i got...even though they are identical, i keep them both, coz i put more value to friendship than if what they had given me is the same or not...and the mug itself has a picture of Dracula's face, inside the mug, along the drinking line its said "To be used only for blood" and on the mug there is a 'nice' recipe for you to try it out

Transylvanian Cocktail

50ml blood type AB
30ml blood type A
20ml blood type O
with lemon and ice

if anyone ever gives it a try, can you please let me know how it tasted? :))
Thank you :P


Gabby Girl said...

That is an awesome postcard. I'm reading a vampire/romance novel right now. It's actually a series by Stephanie Meyer. Not too shabby, but I can tell it was written for young adults in mind.

Ana said...

Havent came across those series, though if i do, i will give it a try (supposedly i have the time for it)
the only thing i can recall right now and which is the closest to the subject is Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly....