Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vienna, Austria (08)

Can you actually notice the overall condition of this card?
Well, partly, its coz its very old!! Comes from 1968, as the cancellation says...but as well, it was a victim of the famous water accident...yet it is in a good condition...bit bent and with the text being somewhat faded away, but it definitely aint for being thrown away

It was given to me by my mum's friend...well...there arent really other sources for such old cards...I just think that this card looks more than decent for being printed back then...
You know, im rather lazy today...actually, i have tonz of work ahead of me...and at least tomorrow is a non-working day, so i can get down to the work more seriously, and definitely manage another update (unfortunately the postman wont be visiting me tomorrow, and he ignored me today as well) but hopefully on Friday he will lighten up my mailbox :)

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