Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stockholm, Sweden

The last card for today...well, you've probably seen it already, it was among those older cards...but since i had had no update from Sweden for a while, and I have no Swedish cards in stock right now...I pulled forward this i cant somewhat decrease the cards waiting on hold there...sometimes i think ill never manage to update them all...I just hope one day I wont get fed up and just delete all the not-updated cards :)

This card was sent to me by my former pen-friend Chrisitna Dulley from Sweden...she sent me this card during a weekend she had spent there...
Im not sure what exactly these card shows...there is no description on the back, so you can just make wild guesses in case you are familiar with Stockholm....

oh, btw...I got a new keyboard yesterday...the keys still feel weird under my fingers, but i guess it takes time...yesterday was one chaotic day...all rushed...all in running...thank God tomorrow is a day off...and Friday as well....I should just have German, but the teacher is absent this week....i even rushed to get to class yesterday, just to find out she couldnt I just wasted an hour and a half in nothing, when i could have stayed at home and do some useful work...but this point i feel much more relaxed...hope ill manage all things on time, so i can feel more relaxed next week, instead of having to do all at the last minute...keep your fingers crossed!

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