Friday, October 10, 2008

Lake Titicaca - Peru/Bolivia

I have a question, since im obviously struggling with this issue....if you receive a card, which shows something that in one way or another is "shared" by two or three states/ do you actually label it? Do you put all of the territories that place belongs to, you put put none? This is not the first time i come across a card which shows something of a "shared" territory and im really starting to wonder whats actually the right way to name it?

Now, after im done with my philosophies, lets get down to the postcard, which I absolutely LOVE!
Its a map card (sorry, but IS a map card indeed :P) and it shows the Lake of Titicaca, which lies on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It is 3812m above sea level making it the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. By volume of water it is also the largest lake in South America.
Titicaca is notable for a population of people who live on the Uros a group of 42 or so artifical islands made of floating reeds.  These islands have become a major tourist attraction for Peru, drawing excursions from the lakeside city of Puno. Their original purpose was defensive, and they could be moved if a threat arose. Many of the islands contain watchtowers largely constructed of reeds.

Yukiko, the sender, says she had visited the Uros island and the Taquille Island as wel, which as she says, has ca. 500 steps to get to the top of it, and that it was exhausting.....hmmm, I can recall several places ive been to, which in order to get to them you need to climb a buuuunch of stairs! But its worth it ;-))

Thanks Yukiko for this terrific card and for all the other cards you had sent me!


помаранчева мрійниця said...

Great card :) I don't have any cards showing 2 (or more) countries yet, but I think I would put 2 labels too :)
By the way, when you make an update, do you have any "system" that helps you to decide, which cards (from which countries) should you publish? I'm asking about it, because I've been thinking of it... Now I just mix everything on my blog, but I'm looking for better ideas ;)

I've answered your question about the languages on my blog. I hope you'll find it useful :)

Ana said...

the answer was more than useful, thanks :) I enjoy things related to languages :)

as for the system...hmmm...well...first of all, i try to make sure i have all my cards scanned, coz its easier to actually have control over what I can choose from
I used to make updates in no particular order, but then i thought its a bit boring to be posting same countries over and over again, so I decided to have an actual gap, before I post a card from that country again..and I came up with the number of unless 50 posts have passed, that country stays aside...thats why I always have two piles of cards...those which are eligible to be posted, and those which arent...and once a card becomes eligible, it moves to the other pile, while once I post a particular country, the rest of the cards from that country move to the other pile :)
Now, i also try to make sure that i dont fall into some pattern, like post the countries in the same order...or that they dont come near to each other for example, if i had Turkey, Croatia, Germany, Australia, near each other, I try to make sure that next time, there is a gap between these countries and that Germany and Turkey for example, dont come very close enough to each other :) Same goes for cat cards....I consider them as a subject, so unless 50 posts pass, no new cat card is allowed :)

sometimes i have a problem coz i have lets say a very small number of countries left to choose I post less cards, or, "thanks" to my idea of pulling forward some cards, i can embed something new in between instead having those cards stuck where they were :))

Only from the US i post every day or every other day, mainly coz i consider the US as 50 different it gives me more choice...
I always fear that people will think I dont like their cards coz they dont see it here for quite a while...and thats not it...its simply because of how ive developed the "system" as you called i hope they all understand now :)

I hope you dont regret having asked me this...Im aware that I complicate things too much sometimes :)
But on the other hand im having more fun this way...except when I get stuck due to the small number of countries eligible to be posted :)

Oh...and ive also thought of posting particular cards due to a particular event, instead posting them whenever (like the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore for Example, or Macedonia's Independence Day...)
I have more of those coming, which ive been sooooo anxious to post, but I find it much more satisfying to post them on an actual date :)

ok....that would be it I think :)

Hope it was at least a bit helpful or gave some direction :)

помаранчева мрійниця said...

Thank you very much for telling me your "secret system" ;) I think it's really good, when you have cards from different sources ;) I wouldn't be able to use it, because I receive most of my card through the official Postcrossing or the Postcrossing forum, so the Finnish, German and Dutch card would have to wait for ages ;) And I don't have so many cards yet :) But I think I'll develop my own system, as I become more and more addicted and your tips will be very useful!

Yukiko said...

I am more than happy that you love my card. It was bought in Puno, Peru, probably you can find on the card where it is. The islands I visited (Uros & Taquille) belong to Peru, but people there speak Aimara, one of indigenous languages in Bolivia. Not a few travellers visit Isla del Sol & Isla de la Luna in Bolivia as well. Or people can stay one night in Isla Amantani (but no electricity!).