Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aurora Borealis, Finland

This has got to be the longest card ive ever seen in my life...not just received, but seen!!! Pity you cant see the actual size here, but in length its exactly 29.5, if you want, you can check how much that is actually...and how long this card is...and I simply LOVE IT!! Not just coz its so unique due to its length, but its showing the Aurora Borealis as well....and you know how much I love that phenomenon!!

I have my greatest thank you's to Anja for choosing this card...I dont know if she chose it coz of its length, in order to make the stamps fit...or it was just at random...whichever it was...this card is perfect, and I love it!!
My initial request were actually the stamps...not the card...ever since the Finnish post office issued the Kimi Raikkonen edition, i went for a hunt...and as I told you yesterday, today i feature the have no idea how great they look on a postcard...and Anja was so kind to actually send me both of the stamps as a sheet in whole...not just the Raikkonen one....cant say more, except AWESOME!!
And thank you so much Anja for helping me with this...and im sorry for being so annoying with all this Kimi request :D :D :D

I feel so content about this....and Raikkonen is gonna start second at tomorrow's Chinese Grand Prix...ok,,,the chances for the title are gone..but still, he should fight to win races...if the title is lost, doesnt mean he should give up on winning the races, right?


Sabrina said...

Ana, you should have said it...I had these stamps all the time at home :/ I could have sent it with my Iceland card :(
anyway..did that come? <3

Ian Choong said...

Hello Ana,

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Best wishes,

Ana said...

hey Sabrina...well, regarding the stamps, i think i had annoyed people enough with them so thats why i didnt mention anything...though, to be honest, you have no idea how much you nailed me right on the spot with the stamp you used...ill talk about it with the other 3 cards, and you'll see why :)