Monday, September 15, 2008

Vienna, Austria (07)

Finally, here I AM!
I have absolutely NO idea where did my weekend go...stuck in work AND deadlines, that i had absolutely no time for this or anything for myself....not to mention that i didnt feel ok as well...really, i dont have the feeling that its Monday today...its more as if its the middle of the week...
I apologise to whom ever i owe an email or any kind of message/ will be on your way as soon as possible...I just hope i wont miss someone in this pile of messages i need to send out :)
Heh, right now im having a break, though it wont surprise me that ill get a call by the end of the day, telling me i need to finish this or that...
And right now its raining as well...the weather had got sooo damn cold here during the weekend....believe it or not, just a few days ago it was 38 degrees, right now its 15!! These weather changes have made my brain just sooo blurry during the weekend, at times i needed to work the most...its a rapid rapid change, but thats how the weather is here...i wonder, how is the postman managing on his bike through this kind of rainy weather...and i do hope he'll bring some mail for me today, and that it wont get soaked
I dont mind the rain...really, if i have to choose between that terrible heat, and the rain, id go for the rain...i simply DONT function at a hot weather...rapid changes DO make me go down, but once it stabilizes, the rainy weather itself makes me feel ok....well, now if i need to go somewhere and do stuff, then no, i dont like the rain, but if im able to stay at home, then the rain just feels soo good...lifts me up...i know this is contrary to how most people feel towards the rain coz it tends to feel depressing, but to me in most cases, it feels good...of course, i have my bad days as well, and sometimes, i have found the rainy weather of why i dont feel ok, or why am i staying in bed all day...but everyone has those days, no?

ok....enough chit-chat...lets get down to why im actually here in the first not supposed to be ranting :)

And, for starters, a card from my very favourite Vienna...I bought this one when i went there....
It shows the Schonebrunn Castle, which is probably one of the places in Vienna that left the greatest impression on me...the thing with Vienna is that when we went there, we had some issues with the agency who took us there, so in Vienna they left us on our own more or we organized ourselves the way we wanted to, and frankly, thats why we got to see the face of Vienna we wouldnt have seen if we went through the city by the tour-bus....and one of the places we went to was Schonebrunn.....WOW...I so much loved it!!!
When you go there, with the ticket you get a pair of headphones and a tape, so as you walk through the castle it tells you exactly what you are seeing, how you should move and all....I simply enjoyed it!! No tour-guides, who just run forward and dont care one bit if you had actually heard what they had said or crowd of nosiy was me and 5 other friends....i think this was the first time that I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed a visit to some historical place....unfortunately we couldnt see the entire castle, due to the lack of time, and i really feel sorry for it, but of what i saw, i enjoyed every single moment of it.....

Oh, God...I so much miss Vienna!! :((((((

here is the song which to a great extent captures the emotions of feeling nostalgic about Vienna...I so much love this song...I loved it even before I ever went to Vienna, but afterwards, it just got a whole new meaning...

"Vienna" - Ultravox


Gabby Girl said...

Hopefully, he will bring you something. Something from me. I can't keep a secret for nothing. :)

Ana said...

You know...i kept staring and staring at this comment, and my brain felt totally perplexed coz i couldnt relate it to something regarding Vienna...and then something clicked..and i think i may have figured it out...yet im not mind is in a total outage...but the postman skipped me for today, again :)
Soooo.....i hope he will bring me something as well...;-))))))))

LaY hOoN said...

Ana, i'm so impressed with all your collections !! You've collect postcard from so many countries !

Lay Hoon

Pinaypostcrosser said...

Hi Ana!

I missed being here!
So, you're back to work. Good luck. Hope it's going to be better than the last time :)

I've been busy, busy like a bee but today I just couldn't let the day pass without posting a card I have received from Madagascar because it was really a thrill receiving a card from there :)

Take care, my dear friend.

LaY hOoN said...

Hi Ana,
Do you intend to swap Postcard with me ?

Lay Hoon