Monday, September 15, 2008

Kipa, Finland

I really really love this map first you'll think it shows a map of Finland, which in a way it does...but the actual thing this card is about is to advertise the bookstore chain "Kipa"..

All the cities on the map have/had Kipa bookstores. Thats why so many 'random' small cities are marked, while bigger ones, such as Turku for example, are missing. Kipa is a small booksore and fits better in smaller cities than bigger ones.
Well, maybe its a small bookstore, but it certainly is spreaded well all over Finland.
And i have to say that this advertisement would DEFINITELY make me wanna go to the just looking at the card, i think of a nice cosy room, with an armchair, and a fireplace, with me reading, while drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate, while outside is cold, but inside feels just so perfect....and you get carried away with your book, that you dont even keep track of if time is a non-existent category there....yup, thats how this card makes me feel ;-))))
Personally, im actually too picky when it comes to advertisements, and many times, i dont even want to buy a product, just coz it has a silly/stupid/boring/annoying/senseless ad....and for what its worth, Macedonian commercials/advertisements are like that in general....disappointing!!

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