Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sintra, Portugal (03)

A very shiny card showing Sintra...well, it is shiny and happy to me...just transmits some positive energy :)

You know, when i look at the castle from this aspect, for some reason it reminds me of the Sleeping Beauty.
I dont know, from where it is situated and how the windows seem small and closed and is time had stood still and they hide some story behind their, its overall appearance, does seem like one from a fairytale..
This is my third Sintra card, and this one definitely made me decide that one day i would love to visit this place...just, who was the one who said it was drafty? Gaby? :)


Gabby Girl said...

Sintra is a very hilly place.

Gabby Girl said...

Yep,yep,I said it was drafty. :) I didn't just see that until now. :)

Gabby Girl said...

Ok, I am being a posting whore, I know, but I just wanted to clarify something. Apparently, there are two palaces/castles in Sintra. The one I went to was called Sintra National Palace. I thought the color of the building was white, and the one I went to was. Type that into Wikipedia, and it will show you what it looks like. Not nearly as impressive. I guess I just put Sintra and big building in my head and figured that is where I went. Dummy me. I bet you it is still very drafty.

Ana said...

Hahahahahahaaa.....this sequence of comments made me laugh...its like a nice little know, ive often found myself that i could make a good monologue with people while they are not around

yup, that Sintra Palace youve been to, is definitely different than this one

just that...before i got my first Sintra card, i didnt really know about the place..ever since then, if anyone mentions Sintra to me, the VERY FIRST thing that comes to my mind is that its a drafty place :D :D :D :D

Ana said...

You must came here to feel it... It has something magical in the air of the park, that makes you fall in love with this place :)

Martinha said...

Well, Sintra has a lot of reasons to fall in love with. Actually Sintra has 1 castle and 6 palaces :o I've only been to the castle and Pena Palace.
A few days ago i've sent a card like this 1 to France ;)

Ana said...

To Ana and Marta:

If one day I have the chance to visit Sintra (which i truly hope I will) im counting on both of you to be my guide there, as well as to other places in have it in mind ;-)))))