Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hong Kong (02)

Here is card of Hong of 7 in total which are waiting to be shown...but as you already know by now, i avoid showing same countries at a time...i even wait for some time to pass before i show a card from a country ive already shown (with the exception of USA) first, coz there are a lot of US cards pending, second, US has 50 states, so they can count as 50 different places...
I actually have some cards Im DYING to show, but due to this rule i self-imposed, i still i also have cards which i figured out it will be much more satisfactory to show them at a particular time, coz there is a particular occasion related to the card...and one such occasion is coming in a few days and i just cant wait!
So, in case ive received a card from you and it still isnt shown here, know that its coz of one of the reasons above :)

The card here, shows the Tsing Ma Bridge...
It is the world's seventh longest span suspension bridge named after two of the islands in Hong Kong.
It has two decks and carries both road and rail traffic which also makes it the largest suspension bridge of this type. The bridge has a main span of 1,377 metres and a height of 206 metres. The span is the largest of all bridges in the world carrying rail traffic.

The 41 metres wide bridge deck carries six lanes of automobile traffic, with three lanes in each direction. The lower level contains two rail tracks. There are also two sheltered carriageways on the lower deck for maintenance access and as backup for traffic when particularly severe typhoons strike Hong Kong. Though road traffic would need to be closed in that case, trains could still get through in either direction.

Ok. before I head off to work...last night i added a new gadget to this blog, which is supposed to appear under each gives you a chance vote for what you have just read....well, consider it for fun, so whenever you feel like clicking, go ahead :) Just, if possible, dont abuse the one with the sticking-out tongue too much...just if possible :))))))

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