Friday, September 5, 2008


A lovely card from Serbia, showing some really beautiful nature....

The top left picture shows the Shar-Planina mountain...well, the special thing about it is that apart from being a mountain in Serbia, it is as well a mountain in Macedonia, so we share is in the northern part of Macedonia, and southern part of Serbia.
It used to be a very popular winter resort but due to number of reasons, people ceased going there...or at least not in the same number they used to...

The bottom pictures show Lake Vlasina which according to Ana (the sender of the card, yeah, my namesake) is an oasis of untouched nature, known as well by the small floating islands.
The picture next to it shows Djavola Varos (Devil's Town) which is an unusal group of rocks formed by an erosion. The red-coloured stream makes that place even more mysterious.
And the picture on the right shows the waterfall near Dojkinci village (Stara planina)

Ana says that her big desire is to have a Shar dog (its a breed of dogs that originate from the Shara Mountain)
They really are lovely dogs, and extremely smart...they may intimadate you esp. since they get to grow a lot...but they actually are very timid, unless you are some kind of a threat to them or their territory. My aunt and uncle (and cousins) who live next to me, have one...I love that dog...and whenever i give him to eat from my hands he ALWAYS is sooo careful and gentle, and takes whatever i give him with his teeth but always makes sure he doesnt bite me... I used to play a lot with him when he was smaller, but now i cant...not coz i dont want to, but he is so huge and heavy that he will definitely knock me down :P
And Ana's mentioning of wanting to have a Shar dog, reminded me of my trip several months ago...i was on a picnic with some friends, and when we arrived there i noticed this adorable little dog hiding under a card and yapping...i took him and he immediately calmed down and startet waving its tail...we gave him some food as well...thats when i took these pictures...sorry for the quality but i took them with my cell phone... he eventually started running after us...unfortunately we couldnt take him coz we had to unpack and settle some stuff but later when we went for a walk he was still there, hiding under the car, yapping...the more the day went by, the more i kept thinking about him and wanting to take him home, even though i know that my cat wont be so happy about it, and that my mum and dad would definitely not like it...but this puppy just so much grew to me that i really wanted to have before we went home, i went to check if he is still there and take him...unfortunately he was gone..we searched the whole area, but no sign of this very day i still cant forgive myself for not taking him...he was simply adorable and at least dogs are happy when they see you when you come home..unlike my cat :)
Below are some images of him...just so you get the idea of what i was talking about and see why i so much wanted him...

yeah, thats my hand...feeding him...with bread...i was amazed to see that he actually ate plain bread

he was just soooo adorable and wanting to play and cuddle...

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