Friday, September 5, 2008


I received this card as a total surprise from 'whocares' from the Netherlands who went to Malta for the holidays...I applied for receiving a card, but I had no idea i was actually chosen to get one until it arrived today...i was more than pleasantly surprised...esp. since this is my first card from Malta addressed to me... I already have another one, but it was given to me, it aint mine...

The card shows Malta's heritage, i.e some important historic sites and places.

The first picture (the one at the top) shows the Mdina Gate, the one on the left shows the site of Portes des Bombes...the one on the right shows Auberge de Casille and the one at the bottom, Fort Ricasoli Gate.

Wont go into details about each and every one of them...that will take to much and i know you will get bored as well :)
But when/if i get a card of each of these sites respectively, then we can go in an in-depth description :)

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