Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scania, Sweden

I know this will sound very cheesy but the greatest reason why i love this card, is coz of how the views are heart-shaped....more because it makes the card unusual...not coz i am a person who falls for images of hearts and couples and romance etc etc....coz i actually dont...
One thing i dont get it is WHY my scanner NEVER scans the 'waves' on the bottom of the cards...sometimes i manage to grasp them if i move the card a bit upwards, though not always....funny thing, if i dont place the card against the scanner line, but in an empty space indeed...i absolutely always end up placing it irregularly, so the card either tends to the left or really clumsy about these things....

Scania is the southernmost of the traditional provinces in Sweden.
Before 1658 it was a province in the Kingdom of Denmark.
Its historical connection to Denmark, the vast fertile plains, the deciduous forests and the relatively mild climate make the province culturally and physically distinct from the emblematic Swedish cultural landscape of forests and small hamlets.

The names Scania and Scandinavia are considered to have the same etimology. he name is possibly derived from the Germanic root *Skaðin-awjo, which appears in Old Norse as Skáney. According to some scholars, the Germanic stem can be reconstructed as *Skaðan- meaning "danger" or "damage.

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