Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gibraltar (02)

Here is my second Gibraltar card...i have another one left (for now)....

Whenever i look at The Rock, i get some weird feeling in my stomach.....Monica (the sender of the card) says that the view from the top of the rock is simply amazing and that from its most southern point (where the lighthouse is) you can see Africa on most days!!!!
Now THATS a feeling...i mean, for some reason, i always get some nostalgic feelings when from one place i can see another state or maybe not the land itself, but at night, the lights glimmering in the distance, telling you that someone lives across the lake/sea....i dont know why, but it creates a really weird feeling inside me...and i ALWAYS end up spending hours of creating stories in my head about the people who live there and how their cities/streets/houses actually look like...and if they are similar compared to ours....and ive been thinking...if thats the feeling  i get when i have another state the hell would i feel if i was at a place from where i can actually see a totally different continet!!! Just sooo amazing!!

Oh, Monica as well says that the monkeys (you can see them on the bottom left picture) live on the top of The Rock and can be very nasty...

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