Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Velingrad, Bulgaria

an oldish card....well, dont know how old exactly, but i think its from this century :)

My aunt brought it to me from there...well, she prefers to hand me in the cards instead send them....im not sure why exactly is that so, but i dont complain...at least i do get a card in the end :)))

Velingrad is a place in Bulgaria which is a touristic spot, but as a health resort. So people mainly go there to heal from whatever they are suffering....it is mainly aimed for physical treatement, but due to the nature of the place, you will rest your mind as well, so probably once you go back home, you will feel totally refreshed and recharged.
In case you wonder what "Клептуза" stands for...that is one of the hottest SPA hotels in Velingrad....well, i cant see a hotel on the picture, but thats what google says.

On one hand, it sounds nice to go to a place like this, away from the street jungle, and give your entire being a nice treat....on the other, i wonder if i wont be way too bored here, coz there isnt much to do and in general, older people tend to go to places like this....and i definitely dont expect to find any fancy cards to send out :)

ps. those white clouds on the card....by now you should now where they originate from :)

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