Saturday, August 9, 2008

Taj Mahal, India

And here is country number 71 in my collection....India!!! And not just one, but 6 cards!!! But of course, will show them one at a time ;-)

Mmmmm, Taj Mahal....always causes sighs and admiration in me.
A mausoleum, built under Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, as a symbol of eternal love.

Well, its probably something every woman would be proud of, if her man did that for her, during her life, or afterwards...but it would have been nice if men as well realized that the small, at-first-sight insignificant things they do, are also very much appreciated....if you dont have the chances/means/ways/words to actually express your gratitude/affection, doesnt mean it aint there....but sometimes unless things arent served on a plate, means they are non-existent....well...its wrong...too bad some men cant see it and grasp the bigger picture...well, its not men but a man in particular....but i guess, its too it has always been....


mistyeiz said...

what a beauty!!! i wish i knew ppl who would send me india cards...anyone u know who wants a private swap? pls let me know. :) hey i'll add u to my blogroll if u do the same. :)

LazyBun simply write said...

I would love to go there and get some inspiration for my life journey.

May I know how could you take a shot like that ? by helicopter?