Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taipei, Taiwan

I abso- abso- absolutely love this card! The colours are just soooooooo perfect!!! The view is just lovely!! Its a card ticked off my wishlist thanks to Shu-i!

It shows the Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, which has just changed its name from C.K.S Memorial Hall not so long ago.
You can also see two pretty Chinese style buildings. The left one is the national theatre, and the right one is the national concert hall.
All 3 buildings on the card just make it sooo great for me!


Evelien said...

Aha, a card from Shu-i, a very nice postcrosser. :)

And indeed, it's a beautiful postcard!

Gabby Girl said...

When I was teaching English in Xiamen, China, right across the way from Taiwan, I asked my students where Taipei was. We were discussing the world map for a lesson. One of the girls raised her hand and said it was in China. I could have guessed that that is what they were going to say - China has ingrained that in their brains. I smiled, and said, "No, it's in Taiwan." The student looked a bit confused for a second and then agreed with me. :)