Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jij bent jij

Another lottery card....i got two poem cards, and here is one of them...with a poem in Dutch....

Since im no Dutch speaker, I asked Adriana to translate it for me, so i can have an idea what the poem is about, and i can as well, post it here for it is

You are You
Are you different than someone else?
Yes of course, you are you,
you've been specially created
of another bit of clay

Just look in a mirror
to the piece of art you are:
your face, your body,
your character, your talents.

That's how God has woven you
you're allowed to stand in this world
to experience all sorts of things
and to go your own way

See, you are a miracle
just on her way and yet you're wise.
Just be you and stay special
go with God, have a good journey.

dont know about you, but i like it....

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