Monday, August 11, 2008

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

And another UNESCO, coming from Belgium this time...its one of those under the "Belfries of Belgium and France"

ok.....according to the translator, 'kust' means 'a coast' which makes sense, since Nieuwpoort is a coastal this would mean something like Belgian coast, on the front, right?
and i guess this is the town hall? according to how it looks like...

unfortunately, couldnt find a lot of info upon this UNESCO site....


Evelien said...

Belgische Kust means indeed Belgian Coast.

The building on the right is the town hall and the building next to it, on the left, is the Nieuwpoort grain hall (better known as municipal hall) with the belfry. The belfry is 35 m high.

Together with 55 other belfries in Belgium and France it is designated by Unesco as World Heritage Site.

Ana said...

ohhh, nice to know my analogy was right :)

thanks a lot for distinguishing the buildings on the really contributes a lot :))