Monday, August 4, 2008


An official card from Finland...which i dont know what does it actually represent

FI- 329658

is it a mouse? a dog? a wolf? a cat?

i leave it up to your imagination...of if anyone knows for sure, please, enlighten me!

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Anja said...

There you got a Finnish cartoon character called 'Kiroileva siili' which means 'Swearing hedgehog'. (site only in Finnish, but there are more pictures) I'll translate this one in English:
-Merry Christmas!! Open it! Open it!!
-Bloody h*ll with these...
-It's empty!?!
-Well... You have said you hate Christmas presents...
-You are right. Thank you!<3

Anja, from Finland

(swaps are most welcome;) , I'm just concerned how few Finnish cards you have :D)