Friday, August 22, 2008

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A very old card, given to me by one of my mum's late friends.....i cant possibly identify the date, coz the one who sent it didnt date the card, and the cancellation is veeeery pale....well, its definitely an old card, thats for sure

I was in Dubrovnik when i was little...during our summers we spent in Croatia, we also went to Dubrovnik once.
Well, frankly, i dont have some splendid memories about a historic place, Dubrovnik will amaze a touristic spot, not really...and having in mind i was just a child when i went there, what do you think i preferred...historic places or somewhere i can have fun and enjoy?
There was also another family with us..the man was a friend of my dad....i cant recall if we arranged it from here to meet there or what...i know i didnt like it....they had a boy and a girl my age...both somewhat spoilt....i felt them as a threat and competition....esp. the boy....coz of the attention he got from my dad and how they two 'hung out'.....
The greatest percentage of the memories is way too vague and blurred....but i keep having this feeling that something bad happened as well....some kind of an accident....i just cant recall what it if we the kids had done something, and then we had to report it to our parents...and how i was both terrified and ashamed....i can recall the feelings...i cant possibly recall why....i keep getting the image of the hotel lounge...and i keep having the feeling as if someone broke something....but im actually just rambling now...trying to make out some sense....

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