Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my first coffee card!!!!! If you know how much i love coffee, then youd know how much i love this card as well...

The special thing about this card is that it came TOTALLY unexpectedly, as a part of a RAS RR, on behalf of Jessica, who actually sent me the Alcatraz card i liked so much, and now she thought of me to include me in this RR, and the person who sent it (homine) sent me a coffee card, since she saw i like coffee cards!
Now, how thoughtful is that? On both sides??!

And this coffee on the card here is simply delicious...i can even feel its appealing smell and delicious taste by just looking at it...each time i take a peek, gives me the urge to make myself some coffee....ok, i dont need to actually look at it in order to get the coffee-urge...i have that urge regardless of anything...several times a day....but still, looking at this card, makes coffee as appealing as it can get...if it was a commercial, it would definitely have the right effect on me to go and buy it! :)


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