Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Budapest, Hungary (14)

One of my numerous Budapest cards bought in 2001 when i went there....

So its not a newly received card, but an older i said a few days ago, ill try and include an older card in each day i post, so apart from it contributing to the variety, i will also be able to make a balance between the old and new cards, and as well, manage to show those older cards as well instead leave them until there are no new cards at all (which is highly unlikely to happen...sometimes there may be less, sometimes more, but there will always be some new cards...i hope)

One thing that inevitably comes to my mind when thinking of Budapest is the following video...sorry, but i cant help it :)


Martinha said...

Oh my God!! Europe a country??!
Even my 4 year old cousin knows the answer to this question, really, she already knows the capital of a few contries!!
That woman needs to join postcrossing and she would learn that Europe has a lot of contries ;)

Ana said...

yeah, she would be surprised what all kinds of countries exist :)

the Hungary/Turkey analogy is the cherry on top here :)