Monday, August 11, 2008

Beni, Bolivia

A card from Bolivia...which as well makes it a new country in the collection.....its just that i dont know if i should be angry to myself about it, excited...happy...frustrated...or everything together...the story behind the card will actually make it clear....

I was going through some old mail the other day...all the letters i have received from penfriends throughout the years, mainly coz of cleaning up the drawers, and as well, coz i thought of actually selling some envelopes with the stamps along on them (if anyone knows a list of prices of how much stamps on envelopes are worth, please let me know...i need something like a catalogue with world-wide stamps its not single stamps, but like covers...) i was going through the letters, i came across some quite unfamiliar to me...and among them i saw an envelope which had Bolivian stamps...i couldnt really recall i had ever received a letter from there, so i took a peek inside...and found a on the front the name "Beni" is written, it didnt really tell me much...and my first thought was that its some ad-card promoting something....i dont know what.....its when i turned the card on the back when i was in total shock and amazement...and absolutely speechless, just stared at the card....first of all coz it was a real postcard....second coz it actually said Bolivia!!! I couldnt absolutely believe it!!!
I have had a card from Bolivia ALL THESE years and i had absolutely NO idea about it!!! See why im so angry with myself?!! Whatever card i had received, with or without envelope, i would put it aside....WHY on Earth i had left this one inside and never realized till now i actually had a card from Bolivia, i dont know...neither i will ever figure it out....i even had Bolivia on my list of cards to request since i have none from would have been hilarious if i actually asked for a Bolivian card, got it...and eventually found this one in my drawers....I know, I know I should be glad and grateful for this...I mean, its Bolivia...not really an easy country to get a card from...but hell....this ignorance for ten years (the sender says "La Paz, September 6, 98") is really frustrating me!! If it was some usual country, i wouldnt have felt bothered....i feel bothered coz i somehow have a gem in my collection and i was totally unaware about it!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Yeah, i know you are jealous though ;-)

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