Monday, August 4, 2008


Time ago, i noticed these kind of cards in a blog, and immediately liked them

they may not show a city view or some significant site....but they are interesting and educational, hence why i like them.
The text above is both in French and English and i notice its not readable enough, so ill type it as well and spare you from zoom-in, zoom-out :)

The Legend of Brabo

At the time of Julius Caesar, a dreaded giant named Druoon Antigoon lived in a fortress on the Schledt, who exacted a heavy toll from every bargeman who wished to cross the river.
Any bargeman who could not pay, had his hand cut off.
Salvius Brabo, a Roman general, resisted these practices and a fierce struggle ensued. 
Brabo defeated the burly giant, cut off his right hand, and threw it in the Schledt. Hence the name of Antwerp, from -hand- and -werpen- (throw).

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